Undiscovered Gems on NFT Showroom / Edition #4

The age of art does not determine it's value, here are some hidden gems that were minted long ago that deserve another look <3


Creator: @viviana28

Total Edition(s): 3

This work is exclusively distributed on NFT Showroom, the full size image is 5000 px 7228 px at 600 DPI 29.5MB.

Mythological Alien

Creator: @brataka

Total Edition(s): 5

Creator and destroyer of planets, an omnipotent power, it is said to have existed since the explosion of the bigbang, on her neck she wears a necklace with the most beautiful planets in the entire universe.


Creator: @aemile-kh

Total Edition(s): 3

A still life was always about the ultimate nature of things. AÏ learned that from us.

Lighting up

Creator: @barbarabezina

Total Edition(s): 10

Photomanipulation / Gif 1280 x 857 px 9.98 MB


Creator: @elgeko

Total Edition(s): 7

crypt-droid is an digitally overpainted 3D render in high resolution 4522 x 6224 edition of 7

Beneficiaries are set to distribute 10% to each artist represented in this post.

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