NFT Showroom Artist Spotlight: @tygertyger

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am Alexandra - One has called me many things, some good some bad. I might be some of these things, all, or none. In the end it is irrelevant as your perception of me will change depending on the expectations I might or might not fulfil.
The us that we are is an accumulation of puzzle pieces curated through experiences, perception, and ever transforming viewpoints depending how new data received colours the stream. Ultimately, I am work in progress enfolding before the eyes of the world around me but also shaping and being shaped by it in kind.
I was born 1968 in a solar system with nine planets and now live in one with 8 without changing location. So fickle is the human way of classifying things as well as ever changing.

Artistically I dabble in many things. I am a Painter, Photomanipulator, Sculptor, Musician, and Writer. I used to dance and make short films as well which is something I am thinking of revisiting as of late.
I am Vegan, an environmentalist, human and animal rights advocate, and also religiously worship pie!
As somewhat of a hermit you can find me lurking in the shadows or under your bed.
Yes, I am most likely mad as a hatter and often socially awkward - I am here for the pot brownies and the souls I shall collect for my kitchen cabinet.
I have a longstanding love affair with Science and my interests are obsessively varied ranging from the arts, cooking and crafting to couchsurfing, dance, and martial arts.
What else to know about me I run a small animal sanctuary with mostly senior animals. My soul is as dark as the ink it bleeds on paper or transforms into pixels on a screen or so i am told by some, others seem to see me as unicorn but then as I said before your opinion will change depending …

P.S. I have this little show on every Saturday 3-5 UTC where we interview musicians and artists play their music and showcase their art - we also have NFT giveaways come and join us!

Q: What is your art background?

I have always made art in one from or other and the medium varies depending on the phase I am in - I sculpt, paint, and do Digital manipulations. Most of my work on showroom are mixed media pieces - mostly Digital manipulation with some painting , some come with original music or poems or both.

Once I have an ipad I will be doing more hand painting again. When it comes to physical painting I tend to mix stuff ... it can happen that I may use acrylics and oils in the same painting - or mix water colour with pastels. I also love throwing gold leaf in my work. When it comes to sculpting it is usually more functional art, meaning sculptures that produce sound and that can be played by the elements, or they use light and movement.

Due to my illness i have not been doing those in years but am still hoping to be able to make this one piece I have in my head that will be wind, water, and solar powered . It will use vibrating cables and wind tunnels to make sound, as well as aluminium platelets that will be played by water. I really hope to one day make it a reality. I am self taught but very inspired by all the art the universe throws in my path to see and experience . Exposure to art shapes ones work in many subtile and less subtle ways.

Q: How long have you been in cryptoart/ NFTs, how did you discover them and what has been your experience so far?

I was watching the trajectory of it for a while and then when Julia opened showroom I stalked her and begged her to let me in or I would huff and puff and …
Showroom has been great to me and I was doing really well until Elon decided to crash the crypto market. Since then I have not sold much, so i have (for now ) halted working and minting except for the show portraits for OTR which are a weekly staple . Once I have recovered financially I most likely will mint more again, Elon be dammed, as I believe in showroom as a worthwhile endeavour.

Q: Any new art or upcoming projects you would like to tease?

Outside of the weekly artist portrait for OTR nothing right now but that can always change at the drop of a pin with me. Musically I have a collab with junkfeathers in the pot and a collab with @olysounds. Also @enginewitty is waiting for some instruments by @jeffleinwand and will be mastered by @d-vine.
I am also still chipping away on my sci-fi book I am writing.

Q: What are your top three favorite pieces of art you have tokenized on NFT Showroom?

Pigs in Space 2

It is what I call an animated tune. As with all my animated tunes the song is an original written for the piece . It was made with some real space sounds and Nasa chatter .

Pigs in Space 2

Counting Sheep

Another animated tune. I made it to sooth myself in a darker period of my current state.

Counting Sheep

Holy Cow

A simple animation. I just love everything about her she makes me happy.

Holy Cow

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