How I'm getting back to drawing and an artwork I created during last two weeks

Hi, guys!

So, the previous month was very difficult for me. It turned out to be some kind of crazy July, at least in fact I don't like to say that it was difficult for some time, so you can agree to a difficult life if you constantly perceive everything like that. But nevertheless, I experienced an exacerbation of my mental illness with such a force that had not been for quite a long time, and it was not very pleasant.

This two weekends I still hope to get some rest, and then I plan to start getting back to work and daily routines again. True, I still need to think about how I will organize them, because it is very hot here, +34 days of Kiev is an abnormal heat, and it is impossible to live and breathe here. And even more so it is impossible to go to play sports, as much as I would like it, my heart will just jump out, and these are not the droids we are looking for.

Therefore, I will start with quiet activities at home, where I have air conditioning and I can do everything in a comfortable environment.

I also got my sabbatical leave from the drawing courses retroactively, and even a little more than I bargained for, which is great, because I was very worried about how it would turn out, but it worked out well. Now I do not have to frantically catch up with the program, I can just calmly study further.

Yesterday I went to meet with my vocal teacher, just to chat, and realized that I really missed her classes and her. I hope to be back in action next week.

And now I want to show you the work that I painted throughout the entire period, that I was not here. And this is two weeks. I haven’t painted a single portrait for so long, but this is my friend, and it was very important for me to get it right:


See you in the next post!
Love, Inber

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