In Pictures - Banksy in Amsterdam

Feeling rebellious but artsy? Contemporary art draws you in? Why not take a look at Banksy’s best in Amsterdam’s Moco Museum?

Although I am familiar with some of his art I never saw a comprehensive list such as this. It resonates strongly with me. Lots of ideas he explores do trouble me in everyday life, some are: anti-capitalism, consumerism, surveillance, individual vs the Establishment.

A small but cozy place.

I’m not sure whether he suggests active resistance or just acknowledgment of contemporary social issues. I’d go with the latter in any case. We can only do so much to protect ourselves and it’s best to be smart about it.

Crypto community could be especially attuned to his art since it is inherently secretive and forward thinking.

I’m most inspired by how his works make you question your beliefs and provide a glimpse of the other side of supposed safety that society claims to provide. One slip and it can get dangerous.
Be sure to play by the rules.

He seems to still be anonymous. Amazing, isn’t it? Having a grand exhibition in such a prestigious location and still keep your freedom from intrusion. Wow. Avoided all the unpleasantries with quite a lot of cash I imagine. Well done!

Which piece is your favourite?

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G6 Plus

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