Photo of Islamic Center Building


In the last few days, one afternoon I visited this place. This is the Pidie Convetion, a building where public activities in our area are used as facilities and infrastructure.

This building is very special in our area. In fact, in the last year it was built as a competition venue for Koran recitation in the province of Aceh. And performing various Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran activities.

Actually, I don't really understand world architecture. However, by naked eye and from a knowledge point of view, both the exterior and the interior are beautiful in the art style of this building, with a mix of Middle Eastern styles.


As is known, Muslim building art styles are almost the same all over the world. With a round dome model and taper to the top. This is a blend of mosques and love for holiness that Islam offers.

In addition, various forms of carvings have been removed so neatly. The vent can form a gap that can enter the air, thus making the room stuffy. And the space seems more open and not closed.


This building is also known as a prayer room which can be used as a space to worship God. Meanwhile, from some parts of the inside it can function as a resting place.

I have not and have never entered this room. In addition to the mosques that I have visited in this city, I saw that this is a building that is often visited by great people who understand the Koran as well as scholars who preach Islam.


I went to this location, just wanted to capture some objects from this place, after several months ago attending the big event. If I will visit this place when some formal events are being held.

That afternoon, this building offers an indescribable beauty. Where the twilight offers panoramic views and the beauty of this building, seemed to take me to a destination in a corner of the Middle East city, or similar in Palestine. The sight of this building touches the heart and the deepest recesses of the soul.

The architectural prowess of designing this building with classical rules and styles fosters passion and love for every human being who sees it.


I did not linger here, because it was getting late. And when else do I have to catch up with the sunset prayer time before the end of the sun closes the night.

Finally, I decided to go home and headed home. And establish the Maghrib prayer as my obligation as a Muslim.


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