3 year anniversary on HIVE

On my anniversary date on Steem Hive I like to take a look at the past year on the blockchain. Because I joined in February it is a look at the past year too.

Words that describe Hive in 2020 for me
Series (Share Our World and Art Talk)
Community (Dinner, Packages and HiveFest)
COVID19 (Monthly Updates)

I did a lot (16) of hiking this past year in Arizona, Utah, Montana, Tennessee and Oregon.

Bowman Lake HikeJohn's Lake Loop HikeRadnor Lake State Park
Navajo Loop HikeNarrows HikeSunset Queen's Garden Hike
Calf Creek Falls HikeZion Emerald Pool HikeWhite Pocket
Pink Coral Sand DunesSpooky Cave HikeToadstools Hike
Trail of Cedars Nature Trail HikeAvalanche Lake HikeHidden Lake Overlook Hike

And in December on the Oregon Coast, the Indian Sands Hike

Share Our World Series

I changed my series from Share My World to Share Our World. It better describes why I started it- to share the part of the world that I had visited and photographed with others on the platform that might be interested.

All the posts for April Trip to Utah

All the posts for A Week in Montana

All the posts of the December Road Trip to Utah, Idaho, Oregon and quick visits to Wyomig and California

Art Talk Series

Art Talk this past year had the theme of tours of the National Gallery of Art in DC. These were all tours that I designed and took friends on when I lived in DC 2001-2007.

It was so fun to do a post of the tour, then an artist and a piece and a topic from the tour.

March- Italian Renaissance
Art Talk: NGA Italian Renaissance Tour
Art Talk: Raphael
Art Talk: Venus
Art Talk: Egg Tempera
Art Talk: Guest Blogger, @laurabellamy

April- French Impressionism
Art Talk: NGA French Impressionism Tour
Art Talk: Fredric Bazille
Art Talk: The Mother and Sister of the Artist
Art Talk: En plein air

May- Hudson River School
Art Talk: NGA Hudson River School Tour
Art Talk: Albert Bierstadt
Art Talk: The Voyage of Life
Art Talk: Romanticism & Nature & Hudson River School

June-Andrew Mellon and the Hermitage
Art Talk: NGA Andrew Mellon and the Hermitage Tour
Art Talk: Rembrandt
Art Talk: The Annunciation
Art Talk: Provenance

Art Talk: NGA Portrait Tour
Art Talk: Rembrandt Peale
Art Talk: Portrait of My Grandmother

October- NGA Highlights
Art Talk: NGA Highlights tour
Art Talk: Artist highlight
Art Talk: Ginevra de’ Benci

November- Dale Chihuly
Art Talk: Chihuly at Cheekwood Estate and Garden
Art Talk: Artist Dale Chihuly
Art Talk: Guest Blogger: Frankie O'Neill

December- Madonna and Child
Art Talk: Madonna and Child Tour
Art Talk: Fra Lippo Lippi
Art Talk: Madonna and Child by Albrecht Durer
Art Talk: Mother and Child


It was so fun and refreshing to connect with a few Hive people outside of the blockchain, through packages, VR and in person this past year.

In December I met and went to dinner with @laurabellamy in Utah. It was great to meet her!

In September I received a Swiss package from @delishtreats and in October a Weston Super Mare, UK package from @livinguktaiwan

These inspired me to send packages to some of my Hive friends around the world.

@delishtreats in Switzerland Surprise Package
@livinguktaiwan in England A package from Arizona
@armandosodano in Italy A gift pack from Sara Jarvie, my friend on Hive

Friends from early days and #photogames
@asgarth in Italy
@fotostef in Greece
@soyrosa in the Netherland

I also sent [Hive cultural exchange program] and received [Thank You Galenkp!] a package from @galenkp who lives in Australia.


I got to meet @asgarth, @soyrosa and @livinguktaiwan and @galenkp at HIVEFEST 2020
It was a cool experience to go to a conference in VR. I am looking forward to traveling to a new part of the world and meeting people in person in the future!

COVID19 monthly updates
I have been doing a monthly recap and journal of what has happened in my life and the world in regards to COVID19.

At the beginning of the crisis I was so interested to know what was happening in other parts of the world and thought some might like to know about things here in Arizona.

On March 13, 2020 I posted Times of change and uncertainty. A couple of days after the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 is officially a pandemic and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey declared a state of emergency.

On April 14, 2020 I posted Share My World: Thoughts on COVID19 about working from home, ASU moving to online instruction and some of the alerts and numbers of cases.

On May 14, 2020 I posted Monthly COVID19 update about wearing masks, social distancing and graduation online.

On June 19, 2020 I posted My life amid the Coronavirus about my second trip to Utah, a visit from Sara Quinney Jones, the killing of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter and how masks are now mandatory in Arizona.

On July 13, 2020 I posted COVID19 Monthly Journal about all the zoom meetings, question about ASU in the fall, how I was doing a lot of family history work and my new stylish face coverings.

On August 24, 2020 I posted Community of Care named after ASU's campaign response to COVID19, which also includes testing for all students and staff and daily check ins, my awesome friends that I am connecting with via Marco Polo, and a family trip to Glacier National Park in Montana.

On September 13, 2020 I posted COVID19 Update-- 6 months
on how nice it was to do somethings outside and still having to do a lot online.

On October 13, 2020 I posted COVID19 update--October 13, 2020 which was short and mentioned that I went to the park for a picnic and work is still online.

On November 14, 2020 I posted Conflict and Compassion It was a busy month with traveling to Tennessee and the US presidential election. I also had my first real conflict with someone regarding mask wearing.

On December 13, 2020 I posted Documenting COVID19 which was a short update.

On January 13, 2021 I posted COVID19 update- Eventful month about the people that I was able to see in person and the people I saw online (VR) at HiveFest, how ASU started the spring semester with mostly online classes, the storming of US Capital and the high tensions and political divide, and my sweet friend Ora's death.

So there you have my 3rd year of Steem HIVE and 2020 in review. Oh and I made it to level 70 in October of this year which was quite a cool milestone for me.

Introducing my self (First post on Steem, Feb. 10, 2018)
It is fun to look at this post see friends that welcomed me to Steem that are still active on Hive-- @jarvie (of course) and @intrepidphotos.

My Year Journey on Steem (1st year anniversary post, Feb. 10. 2019)
I talked about playing #photogames and #Steemmonsters (which is now #Splinterlands) making the #Arttalk and #Sharemyworld series.

My 2019 Steem Journey (Dec. 28, 2019)
Lots of travel in 2019 and posts for the #arttalk and #sharemyworld series. I also started to connect to the Steem community more.

My Introduction to the Hive Community (Intro to Hive post, April 4, 2020)
With the change to Hive I took the opportunity to re-introduce myself.

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