Annapurna Sanctuary

Annapurna sanctuary is an inhabited place. We are never alone here, also because of continuous rumbles: avalanches and seracs that fall down from a living mountain. In the grass there are many small "men" made by stones, memories flowers and many other objects.
We feel the breath of all dead people on mountains, here they are still alive, and they play to hide and chase themselves. Annapurna sanctuary is an open sky "church" where people celebrate diversity, mankind, the return into the home of you souls. People celebrate the Mountain as everybody's home, the Mountain as freedom and dream. The Mountain as idea and the Mountain as stone.
A girl from Chile is painting Annapurna South face. A dog is sleeping under an ocean of tibetan flags. It is dreaming. An advice says: 'You should stay here'. Everyone should stay here, wasting time, watching around, because of the time spent with beauty is never a lost time, but a rediscovered time.
Annapurna sanctuary, October 2016.
Pictured taken with Nikon D800.














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