What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #235

What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #235

Date: 2020-08-16

Topics: Questions & Clarifications Part 4 For Real This Time, Request to be respectful of purposes for email links given over the air, Big Tech and it's continuing Fascist policies, Proper emotional responses in an age of Deception and Tyranny, Not feeling angry at the injustices taking place in our world means YOU are Spiritually BROKEN, Mask-wearing CLOWNS are all around us, Low-level Satanic front-groups like the Church of Satan are recruiting-grounds for psychopaths to be groomed into higher tiers of the global hierarchical network of Dark Occultism, the so-called "Freedom Movement" doesn't worry the Satanists who rule our world at all, Dark Occultists see the "Freedom Movement" as CLOWNS, Introducing BOBO Da Clown and his musical accompaniment, BOBO is the CLOWN GOD the People of Earth deserve, Our whole world has "Jumped The Shark," Private publishing is completely different than offering services as a Public Utility Platform, Saying "If you don't like Apple's criminal behavior then switch to Linux" is identical to people saying "If you don't like how things are being done in America then leave," Agape (Love of Truth) is how one develops True Authenticity, Importance of the correct order of Truth-Love-Freedom, Secret Societies and Fraternal Orders, the One Great Work is not for other people but for the Love of Truth and the Love of what is Right, the Scamdemic is filled with Satanic symbolism, Why is Sweden not under lockdown?, Australians got Clown-Shoed into giving up their guns, Satanists are winning because the average person refuses to understand how basic co-creation through Moral Behavior actually works, Richard Wetherill's writings on Natural Law and Morality, the Biblical allegory of choosing Barabus over Christ, the Self-Defense Principle is still not fully understood by most people, Violations of one human being's Rights are violations of ALL human beings' Rights, ALL People should and must exercise Personal Responsibility for their own Self Defense and NOT leave it to ANYONE else, least of all totally corrupt institutions, NOT doing that is the very Reason why we are in Bondage.

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