BMR for 25th Sep 2021 - Telos Join Forces with Hive


Yesterday I talked about Telos. What is it in my blog post. Referencing a post by @hiveio Hive x Telos Collaboration: Embracing Synergy.

Last night I was not even looking for the Telos. What is it article I was searching the internet for "Web 3.0" and came across the article. The same as yesterday I know changes or collaborations should be a good thing. I just wonder how I missed what is going on. Or did most everyone miss what is going on.

To quote:

"Telos is happy to announce a partnership with Hive! You’ll have encountered Hive before if you’ve ever read a post or two on their popular social media dApp Hive Blog. Or maybe you’ve heard about Splinterlands?! An online card game that runs entirely on the Hive blockchain.
Telos and Hive are both fast, scalable, and near-feeless blockchains with strong governance principles. Telos is weeks away from releasing their EVM, which will empower new developers, the existing Ethereum ecosystem, and enterprise clients. Hive has made massive strides in getting listed on major exchanges, improving its code, and continuing to provide an immutable blockchain for content storage and support the freedoms of speech and of information to all. Our shared principles and focus on Web 3.0 set this partnership up for success, we’re excited to see where it takes us!"

It is a great write up, they go on to talk about Hive and Telos separately. What I wonder is when it is stated "this partnership up for success". What is the partnership? Can someone point me in the direction of details? @taskmaster4450 @jongolson @theycallmedan do you know?

Market Report:


I had one screen shot from this date last year and it was for Hive, so I thought I would share it.

Now for this weeks:


It was a red week for Hive, but as you can see there seems to be upward movement in price and a volume bump going on.





Looks like Alive broke a bottom barrier. Hummmm




Great time to pick up some CTP Tokens.



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