WINEX (1:1) Airdrop Successfully Processed

Hello HIVES,
I hope you already read the Introduction Post of WINEX Token. As we promised there, we successfully processed (1:1) WINEX Token airdrop to all WINE Token holders.

Who Received WINEX Airdrop?

Hives who invested at WINE, Hives who shared worthy posts & comments then received WINE & Hives who actively earned WINE curation rewards earned WINEX Token (1:1) airdrop.
But we removed previous owners' accounts from this airdrop & you can see WINEX Token Total Token Supply is at 16,500+ range.

Future of WINE Token?

Honestly, we don't know. We already shifted all our scripts to process with WINEX. It's a hard decision to take. We had enough chances to change the ownership of the WINE Token, but we didn't do such a thing to the project; because we know how we loved that concept, that token & the friendship.
But when we see millions of WINE Tokens minted manually, it's hard to explain the feelings. Therefore, a sudden (within few hours) decision was taken to move to a new token, which will process without manual mint or owner interferes.

Stay Safe & Enjoy

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