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Welcome To Hive Learners Community. We are aiming to create a friendly environment where we will learn, teach & improve our skill together and thrive in the Hive Blockchain.

Hive Learners Community Discord Server:-

https:// 7Bzqv4qUMT


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- Post must be made in English. You can share 1 post a day. Try to post at least three days a week. Every post must contain a minimum of 200 words to get curated. Also, you have to make meaningful comments on the post of at least three other writers for your post to be eligible for getting support.

- Regularly participating in our weekly featured editions is recommended to get support from us

- Religious / political related contents will be ignored. For Photography content it has to be a quality post with 5 unique and high quality images. For artworks, must include 7/8 steps of the whole process. Also, you must share a selfie with the art in the ending part of yout post.

- Plagiarism / rewriting / spamming / content recycling is strictly prohibited.

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