My 2019 Steem Journey

Hello Steem friends,

As the year is wrapping up I wanted to talk about my 2019 Steem journey and some of the things I have learned.

  1. Great content is so important
  2. Creativity is encouraged
  3. I thrive with structure
  4. I like stats
  5. People like good formatting and want to know how to do it
  6. It is so fun interacting with people from all over the world through Steem

Great Content

In 2019 I traveled to some wonderful places and had a lot of great content to share. Below are a few of the places I traveled this year.

Each February @jarvie comes to Arizona to visit me. This year we had a snow storm in Northern Arizona and went to get pictures at the Grand Canyon and Sedona.

In May our Sibling Trip to Italy, England and Scotland

In June an unforgettable three weeks in Kenya.

In November I was able to travel to Brooklyn for a work conference and then spend a few days in DC.

Creativity is encouraged

It takes a lot of creativity to think of fun and interesting ways to present my pictures. That is one reason I love the series posts!


I thrive in structure and this helped me continue my Share My World (27) and Art Talk (17) series.

I love having the whole list, for the year, all in one place!

In September I accepted the #happynewmonth challenge from @fotostef. It is fun to get my camera and go out and take pictures just to take pictures. Thanks @fotostef I always like a good challenge and to cultivate my creativity!

Fun Stats

I am a stats girl. I enjoy figuring out stats at work and here on Steem too. I started the year at Rep 57 and am now 67!


With time being such a precious commodity I really look forward to sincere comments others. I received so many wonderful comments on my Share My World: Sweet Sacred Experience post. Thinking about it now and re-reading the comments makes me a bit emotional. Thank you for your kind words and support.

My post Formatting tips by Sara Jarvie was well received and shared. I love the creative side of formatting my posts.

Votes and payout
With 1467 votes Share My World: Sibling trip became my most viewed and rewarded post.

Thanks to my brother @jarvie it also made it to top three trending. That was fun!

While numbers are just numbers. I do feel I am more part of the community this year and that my content that I work so diligently to create is being seen and adding to the value of the Steem community.

I also became a dolphin this year!


The people that I follow and interact with on Steem are so impressive. There are many great Steemians, I want to highlight a few.

Martina @delishtreats who knows how to take us on amazing photo tours, Stefanos @fotostef who takes fantastic pictures of his garden, weaving and his beloved Greece, Rosanne @soyrosa who takes pictures out of dirty windows and is so incredibly talented with fibers!

My favorite developer Sergio @asgarth from Italy who is constantly improving our Steem experience, Abibail @abigail-dantes who I found more recently and am so glad, her posts and comments are awesome, and Pauline @livinguktaiwan who wants to connect to others and started sending post cards and Christmas cards from Taiwan. I am looking forward to getting mine soon.

Of course my bother @jarvie, who introduced me to Steem, he helped create my favorite interface @Steempeak and @peakmonsters and we talk about Steem often. Every once in awhile we get to see his amazing photography too!

Steem is a great place for me to develop my photography, writing and formatting skills and to interact and enjoy the talents of so many great people all over the world.

Thanks for being a part of my 2019 Steem journey.

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